1.  Renter will only use the storage unit for the storage of Renter's personal property. Renter will not use the storage unit for illegal or unlawful purposes. No subletting will be allowed.

2.  A deposit for lock(s), key(s), damage and cleaning will be paid in advance, and will only be refunded upon full payment of all rents due and owing, any late fees or charges, and the return of any lock(s), key(s) and the surrender of the storage unit in clean and usable condition to Lessor.

3.  Renter agrees to lease the storage unit for a minimum of one (1) month. Lessor will prorate rent on the initial move in month. If Renter does not return keys and empty unit by the last day of the month, the Renter will be responsible for the entire next month, no proration upon move out. The lease will continue on a month to month basis due by the 1st of the month under the existing terms of this lease.

4.  Renter agrees to pay rent in advance of it coming due and no later than the first day of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be added if rent is not timely paid.

5.  Renter agrees to keep the storage unit clean and in good condition during the lease term.

6.  At the conclusion of the lease term, Renter agrees to remove all personal items and debris and sweep out the storage unit.

7.  Renter understands that Lessor is not storing goods for Renter, and is not a public warehouseman. Renter further understands that Lessor exercises no custody, care, or control over any personal property stored by Renter. Lessor carries no insurance which in any way covers loss Renter may claim regarding any personal property stored by Renter. Lessor shall not be liable for any damage either to persons or personal property due to negligence, demise of building or premises, theft, violence, vandalism, and/or acts of nature.

8.  Renter agrees to acquire insurance or self insure for any and all personal property stored in the storage unit.

9.  Lessor shall have the right to enter the storage unit for inspection and/or repairs. In non-emergency situations, Lessor will attempt to notify Renter of the need to enter the storage unit within twenty-four (24) hours of anticipated entry.

10.  Renter assumes all liability and obligation for any damage to the storage unit and/or premises of Lessor, or third parties, attributable to Renter's negligence, theft, violence or vandalism.

11.  Any breach of this lease by Renter will result in Lessor's right to elect any and all remedies available at law and in equity.

12.  Lessor is authorized to lock-out and seize any and all personal property in the storage unit if Renter is more than fifteen (15) days in arrears on rent. At this time, Lessor will notify Renter and demand payment in full by a given date. This notification shall be given by registered or certified mail. If the arrears on rent are not satisfied by said date, Lessor will take necessary legal action and sell any and all personal property at public or private sale, as governed by Minnesota statute, to satisfy said arrears on rent. The proceeds of any public or private sale shall be applied first to expenses of sale, attorney's fees, legal costs, court costs, and then to any delinquent rent, accrued interest, and other late fees. Any excess proceeds shall be held for Renter for ninety (90) days without interest. Renter's failure to claim any excess proceeds or unsold goods within ninety (90) days following the sale shall constitute abandonment thereof by Renter, and the same shall become Lessor's absolute property.